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Kelvinator, a global name in home appliances, is a trusted brand synonymous with quality and unmatched performance. Known for its category-defining cooling technologies, Kelvinator has been credited with the inventions of many a “new technologies”. With its global foot-print, Kelvinator is expanding fast across various Small Domestic Appliances. In the Indian market, its parent company has entered into a brand licensing agreement with Sundev Appliances. The single-minded focus for Kelvinator is to build on its equity to expand its consumer base and ensure profitability for its stakeholders. The brand intends to leverage the Small Domestic Appliances offering to create a big impact not only in the lives of people, but also its stakeholders. The all-new Kelvinator is about putting people first.


Values and aspects!

Today, every appliance manufacturer is faced with the challenge of Sustainability. To tackle the same, Sundev Appliances Ltd. has taken a conscious decision to bring in environmentally responsible products to ensure a comfortable life for the future generation. We dedicate our products and services to a green and sustainable future.

Kelvinator has a tradition of excellence, centered essentially around the people – right from the consumers, trade to the stakeholders. Sundev Appliances Ltd. has associated itself with the global brand to offer world-class products at people-friendly prices. The company believes in improving the lives of the people, each day at a time.


Eco-friendly technology made people-friendly


Values and aspects!